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Among the villas of Marrakech, many prohibit the organization of events, others are poorly or poorly equipped to receive them.

Upon entering here, you will immediately know that Villa M.O.P. has the event in its DNA.

First, you will find the necessary space. The 3.5 hectares of land, but also the layout of the villa, its flat roofs, its vast swimming pool and its large reception rooms, stimulate the imagination and make the wildest projects possible.

You will then find solid and experienced support. More than 25 years in the event industry allow us to demonstrate our recognized experience in this field as well as the connections and partnerships necessary for the success of your projects.

Finally, you will find an attentive, available and conciliatory interlocutor as well as an atmosphere conducive to the realization of dreams. Everything is possible here. All transformations, all arrangements are possible.

Together we will build your project, bring it to life and make it an unforgettable memory for all those who have had the chance to be associated with it…

Here is the showcase of your most beautiful memories….